The Axis of Rotation

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘axis of rotation’, this is why you will need to get certified as a professional trainer.  This is one of the major components of designing and implementing the proper form and science-based techniques that your clients will need in order to prevent injury and to maximize their results. 

Why You Should Be an Online Fitness Coach

Online fitness coaches are in a huge demand right now at this time with the COVD shutdown and there are many clients out there in the fitness world that need guidance from us professionals.  They need to be serviced and they need our knowledge in order to become successful.  If you haven’t taken advantage of

Keto and Intermittent Fasting: A Beginner’s Guide

Originally published on HVMN by Ryan Rodal   The ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting have more in common than you may believe. When combining the two practices, they may be able to synergistically work together toward common goals of fat loss and improved metabolic health.   Despite the differences in the diets, they have two


Have you ever wondered what CrossFitting and bodybuilding combined would result in? Maybe you’ve never attempted it because you think they are two different aspects of fitness.

Starting Your Online Personal Training Business

Have you ever wondered how you can reap the benefits of training others online?  AASM is geared towards helping you in that journey from certification, to marketing strategy, to starting your own online training business!  The benefits of having your own online training business is that you can reach more clients via social media and

Eating During the Holidays

Temptation will be everywhere!  Yes, we will be hosting friends and families, driving around, getting out, eating and drinking on a daily basis.  We will be getting out of usual routine which includes our normal training regiment.  It’ll throw off our homeostasis in terms of eating sensible, training, and natural stability: ‘Tis the Season!!!  But

Golf Fitness

Introduction and Origin In this certification, we will break down the how fitness is integrated into golf and why fitness is so important in the sport of golf.  When someone thinks of golf, one may picture in their head a bunch of retirees walking around following a little white golf ball around a golf course

Protein Supplement

Do protein supplements work?  Do they aid in repairing muscle tissue?  Do they aid in getting bigger muscles?  Faster development?  These are questions that many people should ask themselves and fitness professionals should have these answers when asked.

According to a review which was published in the Journal of Nutrition reviewed these questions and many others.  Over a period of time, the studies, both random, observed along with metanalytic data, were performed to suggest a rational and improved set of data.  These studies were designed to answer the role to whether protein and/or amino acid supplements have an active responsibility strength and muscle repair.

Employment in the Fitness Industry

Employment in the Fitness Industry: How to Get Hired in Professional Fitness Health and fitness is your passion, obviously fitness is where you belong as a career to change lives.  You may have questions about how to break into the lucrative and rewarding field of professional fitness. So how do you get your foot in

Benefits of Sitting on a Stability Ball

Sitting in an office chair causes people to take a hit on their posture, improper positioning in the seat, disengagement of the core muscles, and cause slouching in the chair.  A stability ball can remedy these mistakes and prevent possible injury or future posture issues.

Sitting on a stability ball allows you to balance and engage your core and lower back muscles. This allows for an increase in correct posture and improved form.  By using a stability ball, you can decrease the chances of developing aggravating injuries due to a weak core or lower lumbar region.