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    Golf Fitness

    Introduction and Origin

    In this certification, we will break down the how fitness is integrated into golf and why fitness is so important in the sport of golf.  When someone thinks of golf, one may picture in their head a bunch of retirees walking around following a little white golf ball around a golf course for up to four hours.  While this is a fictional picture, we as CFPs are interested on how we can improve a golfer’s fitness and how we can improve them and their game.  There is a huge market for professional trainers who target golfers since professional golfers pay a hefty sum to get into premium conditioning to maximize their game.  Like most golfers, but professional golfers look to swing faster, hit the ball longer, and prevent injuries while on tour.

    Golfing is a great way to get exercise in for anyone at any age.  Golf allows people to move and walk at a leisurely pace as well as works the entire body.  The activity itself is no impact in terms of contact or collision.  It allows the body to flow in the sagittal, vertical, and horizontal planes with various axis of rotation.  This is beneficial to golfers and the game of golf is not only a conduit to exercise and activity, but also to the preparation to maximize the activity and prevent injuries.  This will allow players to player more often, be stronger in their swing, have a faster swing towards their target, and give them more stability and overall endurance on the course.


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