• Eating During the Holidays

    Eating During the Holidays

    Temptation will be everywhere!  Yes, we will be hosting friends and families, driving around, getting out, eating and drinking on a daily basis.  We will be getting out of usual routine which includes our normal training regiment.  It’ll throw off our homeostasis in terms of eating sensible, training, and natural stability: ‘Tis the Season!!!  But all is well, all we need to do is some prioritization during the holidays and we can even implement this priority skill to carry over into the New Year.   To strategize your eating habits during the holiday season, you can determine a point system.  A system that I like to use are for example, if I eat pizza, each slice will be 10 minutes on the stationary bike.  Or, If I have too many sweets, since I like chocolate chip cookies, if I eat 10 of them, that’s 50 body squats per cookie.  So these are just examples that keep you in check, and like just like everything in life, if you play, you pay.  So this is a good strategy to be able to enjoy the holiday with food, yet also keeps you accountable with your training.  This method works excellent with your clients during the holidays.  Being a personal trainer is about being accountable to our actions each and every day and we are to live as an example to others in a humble manner:  Practice what you preach.


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