• Why You Should Be an Online Fitness Coach

    Why You Should Be an Online Fitness Coach

    Online fitness coaches are in a huge demand right now at this time with the COVD shutdown and there are many clients out there in the fitness world that need guidance from us professionals.  They need to be serviced and they need our knowledge in order to become successful.  If you haven’t taken advantage of the shutdown of our gyms and fitness clubs, now is the time to get your certification and be a productive member of the fitness industry by getting certified as a professional coach and personal trainer.  There are many trainers that have moved to online coaching and training with no other choice since their clients are abiding by the six-foot rule and don’t want to put themselves in harm’s way with this terrible virus.  Being an online coach and professional trainer is something that many are now getting on board with because of the fact that you can now train your clients via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime live video meetings!  Check out the video below and hear about why being a professional online trainer and coach is going to move the fitness industry to the remote arena and change the way us fitness professionals are coaching and mentoring our clients towards their goals.

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