• Starting Your Online Personal Training Business

    Starting Your Online Personal Training Business

    Have you ever wondered how you can reap the benefits of training others online?  AASM is geared towards helping you in that journey from certification, to marketing strategy, to starting your own online training business!  The benefits of having your own online training business is that you can reach more clients via social media and you are able to make a connection electronically via phone, email, text, Skype, Facetime, etc..  In today’s world, people are about convenience, and AASM is about making the impossible possible and we can break down the barriers that people have had in their lives in regard to working in professional fitness full time and reaping the full benefits of their smart work.  Working as an online personal trainer allows you to reach more clients as well as the clients that you serve in person.  AASM will be able to help you strategize as to how to position yourself in the competitive world of professional fitness to maximize your capability once you are certified with AASM.  In the past, before there any such thing as the internet, working with high profile clients was a matter of phone contact, email, and an enormous amount of red eye flights to the client’s location to get them prepared for their next project in the entertainment industry.  Today, strategizing and positioning yourself in the high end market is possible when you complete the AASM personal training certification.  You can use the same points to reach those closest to you and you will be much more accessible to those who are in need of your services.  To learn more, purchase the AASM certification and use the discount code ‘military’ to receive a 25% discount on your training curriculum.

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