What is AASM?

All American Sports Medicine is a professional fitness certification that allows anyone who wishes to get certified to work as a certified fitness professional…

Does AASM assist with employment?

AASM will offer all of the training tools necessary for employment and also offers a free resume and interview course upon passing the final exam.

Where did AASM begin?

AASM began as a proven fitness regiment in 1990 by a U.S. Marine that has evolved into an effective training method for maximum fitness results.

Is there a certificate of completion if I pass the test?

Yes!  All graduates of AASM will receive a Certificate of Merit upon completion of the test

Is AASM 100% online?

Yes, AASM courses, quizzes and testing are 100% online.  It is compatible with your mobile phone and iPad.

Is AASM military supportive?

Yes, we are 100% military supportive and offer a discount to military members and veterans.  For 25% discount use ‘military’ as the coupon code.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there is a refund policy, please view the AASM Recruit Handbook

What is the purpose of AASM?

Our vision is to conveniently provide our graduates with the education necessary to build a lucrative career in professional fitness.

Do I have to buy books for the certification?

No, the courseware is included on the website

What sets AASM apart from other certifications?

  • Clients will have fast, consistent service with the President and CEO of AASM when you are in need of expedient and elite customer service throughout your academic program!


  • All certified fitness professionals will be graded by their clients based on their customer service skills and goal attainment.

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