• The Axis of Rotation

    The Axis of Rotation

    If you’re not familiar with the term ‘axis of rotation’, this is why you will need to get certified as a professional trainer.  This is one of the major components of designing and implementing the proper form and science-based techniques that your clients will need in order to prevent injury and to maximize their results.  When we train our clients and coach them towards their goals, we also want to educate them in the process as to how we’re going to achieve their results and explaining the process will allow the client to understand how and why we are going to use specific techniques.  In terms of the axis of rotation:  frontal axis runs from the left to right through the center of the body.  A good example is a gymnast performing a somersault, this is performed in at the frontal axis.  The sagittal axis also known as the antero-posterior axis runs from the front to back through the center of the body.  If a client does a cartwheel, this is performed in the sagittal axis.  The vertical axis runs from the top to the bottom through the center of the body.  Think of a line that starts at the top of the crown of the head and runs all the way down to the floor.  A movement such an ice skater performing a spin is rotating around this axis.  To get a clear perspective check out this class taught in one of our mentoring sessions:

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