• Benefits of Sitting on a Stability Ball

    Benefits of Sitting on a Stability Ball

    Sitting on a stability ball has many benefits to the user.  While this particular piece is targeted at those who sit in an office chair all day, I would highly recommend to anyone to invest in a stability ball!

    Sitting in an office chair causes people to take a hit on their posture, improper positioning in the seat, disengagement of the core muscles, and cause slouching in the chair.  A stability ball can remedy these mistakes and prevent possible injury or future posture issues.

    Sitting on a stability ball allow you to balance and engage your core and lower back muscles. This allows for an increase in correct posture and improved form.  By using a stability ball, you can decrease the chances of developing aggravating injuries due to a weak core or lower lumbar region.

    Along with an improved core, you can benefit from a stability in the following ways:

    1. Toning Muscle

    You can use the stability ball in a various assortment of ways such as doing decline push-ups, squats, wood choppers, and of course, crunches.  By using your core to keep your spine in a correct position, this will lead to an increase in core and oblique strength.


    1. Alleviate Back Pain

    A stability ball may not be a cure all for back pain, sometimes it may be inevitable, however, by utilizing a stability ball on a regular basis, you can prevent unnecessary posture and decrease the chances of a preventable injury to your back or core muscles.  By using the stability ball to strengthen both the front and the back, you can enjoy the benefits of being comfortable at work instead of confined to three points of strain i.e. neck, lumbar, knee.


    1. Burn Calories While Seated

    Most office workers are confined to a chair throughout the day, therefore this segment will allow for those who wish to take advantage of the stability ball by focusing on the benefits of using one. One advantage would be to burn extra calories.  Use the stability ball in a way that allows for movement such as what I’d suggested earlier: push-ups, squats, wood choppers, twisting lunges, etc..  Most offices workers are granted two 15 minute breaks so make the best of it and use your stability ball to scorch those calories and develop a routine and perhaps influence the rest of your co-workers to invest in a stability ball to follow along with you.


    1. Toning the Core and Lower Back Muscles

    I use a stability ball as much as possible because it allows me to roll on the ball and create movement throughout my spine all day.  By doing so, it takes off a lot of stress at the lower lumbar region by keeping the spine straight, but at a horizontal position.  My co-workers are envious but some are less inclined to take advantage of a stability ball.  On breaks, I like to do reverse crunches and regular crunches in between calls.  I feel better, look better, and my work and my mood improves knowing that I can exercise while I work!

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