Professional Fitness Certification for Sports Performance and Personal Training

We at All American Sports Medicine enjoy the simple things in life, and that includes gaining admission to our certification program for fitness professionals.  Here is the process:

  • Go to aasm.pro
  • Purchase the course
  • Take and pass the exam
  • Attain AED/CPR certification
  • Apply and obtain fitness professional’s liability insurance


To provide a legitimate, ethical, effective certification, and challenging the limitations of fitness education and services.

Fitness Professional’s Objective (Certified Fitness Professionals)

AASM’s goal is to effectively and ethically provide a guideline for those who want to work as a certified fitness professional (CFP). This is accomplished by performing consistent assessments and tabulating growth benchmarks such as our exams and continuing education.  AASM CFPs are tasked with maximizing their client’s potential by way of designing and implementing a strategic plan learned in our courses to achieve their specific goals.  Our CFPs will operate as a fitness professional and not as a licensed practitioner or physician.  Those clients in need of a professional will be referred to such as when necessary.

What is the MAP Standard?

The MAP Standard was created by a U.S. Marine and founder of All American Sports Medicine, a U.S. Marine in 1990.  His goal as a U.S. Marine was to develop strong, yet mobile, agile, and functional Marines by way of training his fellow service members by using Maximum Athletic Performance Standards which included:

  • Athleticism
  • Crosstraining/Supersetting
  • Maximum Force Output

This training prototype allowed for his Marines to be effective on the battlefield by way of using athletic functional methods by implementing various typical movements that a Marine would endure in a number of elements such as mountanous terrain, water, snow, and heavy vegetation.  Regardless of the landscape, Marines would be well conditioned due to the implementation of athletic training which included balance and steadiness that allowed a Marine to move and maintain agility with the speed and quickness necessary to stay mobile while in hostile situations.  Athletically trained Marines can be light on their feet and produce the maximum in strength and endurance needed to complete the mission.  This type of training is effective for our protectors of our nation and it is a consistent prototype for those clients who aim to achieve maximum results whether they are athletic or not.  This proven form of training will allow clients the ability to be an improved human regardless of their workspace.  Clients who are provided with this program will achieve an improved mode of balance, maximum strength, and all around athleticism:  This is the MAP Standard!

Take Professional Fitness Certification Course


  • The Accountability of a Personal Trainer and Their Responsibility to the Clients
  • What are the Traits of a Successful Personal Trainer?
  • Moral and Ethical Responsibility to Your Client
  • Liability and Insurance

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