• Brain Boosting Exercise

    Brain Boosting Exercise

    Cognitive Exercises

    As fitness evolves from day to day, we tend to forget that exercise is beneficial to the mind as well as the body.  It’s highly recommended that we look at how our exercises benefit our brain for maximum performance too!  As we are exercising, we are well aware of the benefits of repetitive and resistant movement to our body, but should also keep in mind that exercise is healthy for our brain and essential to our overall well being.

    Many studies suggest that exercise can boost our cognitive abilities and allow for a much-improved mental emphasis.  Some studies suggest that young adults may benefit from 20 minutes of exercise by increasing blood flow to the brain thus improving concentration points.

    Below is a list of exercises that can put more power to your brain;


    Push-ups are a very difficult exercise to perform, however, this exercise works the entire body and this can boost the mental capacity to those who perform push-ups since it increases blood flow to the entire body and strengthens the muscles from top to body, front to back.  By performing push-ups, you will get an additional boost of confidence!


    Planks will allow you to concentrate on keeping your body at an elevated position while strengthening your core.  Use this exercise to allow for strength, stability, and elevated mood by concentrating on the end results and brain boosting benefits.

    Running and Walking

    Both are very useful to keeping the body moving forward in any situation and especially in stressful situations.  The mind will be able to benefit from a boost of powerful dopamine and mood enhancing chemicals by performing these exercises after a stressful day or situation.

    Yoga and Deep Breathing

    Deep breathing has many benefits to the body such as massaging the heart and clearing the brain of any mental fogginess.  Deep breathing and yoga can boost the brain capabilities and improve oxygen flow and better blood circulation.  Yoga exercises will allow for the mind and body to work together as one by connecting the circuitry and boosting the feel-good chemicals after a nice 15-minute stretching session.  Yoga poses don’t have to be difficult or over imposing, they can be simple as raising the arms above the head, breathing in deep for 10 count, and relaxing the arms back to the anatomical position.  Incorporating certain yoga poses in your everyday routine can significantly improve the way your brain functions and relieves mental stress and anxiety. 

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