Disciplinary Rules and Terminations 

Depending on the serverity of the infraction, AASM will uphold the standards and guidelines that AASM outlines in our professional conduct provided in this guidebook.  Should one choose to engage in unprofessional conduct and/or unethical practice as a certified professional fitness trainer with AASM, AASM will reserve the right to rebuke those who do not uphold the conduct, ethics codes, and standards AASM has outlined.  The fitness professional must put first the client’s safety and well being and refrain from taking advantage of a client’s (both male and female) disadvantages during training sessions.  The following stipulations are to be abided by AASM certified fitness professionals:

As a professional, each fitness instructor will follow the rules that are set in place in order to protect the integrity of the AASM brand, method of delivery, and code of conduct not limited to ethical and moral standard.  AASM professionals are expected to be an example to the clients as well as to other fitness professionals as a high standard of excellence and optimum delivery of process and procedures in our implementation services.

  • Follow rules and regulations within AASM code of morals and ethics
  • Conduct themselves as professionals while at work and off work
  • AASM professionals carry the brand everywhere they go and conduct themselves as respectable human beings putting others first before themselves
  • AASM professionals refrain from degrading our clients and customers in public or private, within the inner circle or to friends and relatives
  • Client information is considered priveleged and will be protected under the rules and guielines set by the standards AASM has designed
  • AASM professionals will conduct business in a setting that is free of any clutter or debris that may compromise the safety and well being of both the fitness professional and most important, the client
  • AASM professionals will use language that is free of derogatory, abusive, or objectionable nature (vulgar, improper language)
  • AASM professionals will abstain from treating any injury should one occur while training a client
  • AASM professionals will refer clients to professionals that are authorized to treat injuries or diseases
  • AASM professionals will assure to get written permission to work with a client with a pre existing condition from the client’s physician
  • AASM professionals will adhere to the grooming standards that are set in this practicum
  • AASM professionals will adhere and obey all laws that are delegated via city, state, and federal guidelines
  • AASM professionals will maintain training records for each client for up to two years
  • AASM professionals are not nutritionists or physical therapists unless certified or graduated in those particular fields, otherwise acting upon is refrained from and will be subject to disciplinary action
  • Any AASM professional who is a subject of mistreatment, both physically, mentally or emotionally of a client or a fellow fitness professional will immediately be suspended from AASM without the possibillity of realignment with AASM in any capacity as an AASM fitness professional
  • AASM professionals will abstain from any practice of any kind that is in the form of sexual harrassment to any clients or fellow fitness professional


Discipline and Due Process

  • Those who are involved in unethical conduct as an AASM professional will be granted due process to explain their side of the conduct that has occurred. As process is due, the individual will be given the opportunity to the following:
  • The proof set before them as to what is being accused
  • The indiviual will be given a copy of the proof, whether written, or in the form of video or social media outlet
  • An indivual who is accused of misconduct will be given five days to gather evidence to support their innocence.
  • Should an individual unsuccessfully reccuse himself or herself of the charges against them, they will be suspended from AASM as a fitness professional for as long as the governing board sees fit
  • AASM will hold a panel consisting of the President of AASM and the Board of Governors to determine the appropriate steps to punishment or aquittal of any wrongdoing within the AASM system of practice.


Conduct Unbecoming

As an AASM certified professional, will serve our clients with the utmost of compassion, morals, ethics and professional duty, ensure safety and well being, and assure care and privacy at all times.  AASM professionals will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and will summon suspension or revokation of certifications and authorizations for any violation of the following:

  • Misrepresentation of services
  • Fraudulent behavior
  • Disrespect of client’s privacy or safety
  • Illegal use of information that could compromise the well being of a client
  • Harrassment of any nature upon a client, AASM professional or employee
  • Use of AASM copyrighted property, materials, trademarks, names, or models
  • Failing to meet payment obligations for certification services


Unsatisfactory Financial Status 

Those recruits who are seeking to gain certification with AASM are offered the privilege of using a payment plan option.  Upon completion of the practicum and exam, any AASM certified professional who chooses to make a payment on a timely basis must adhere to the guidelines that are set upon purchase.  The guidelines will determine a date on a monthly basis that is agreeable by the recruit and accounts payable at AASM.  Should a professional default on monthly payments on their certification, he/she may be placed in ‘UFS’ status or unsatisfactory financial status.  Should one enter into UFS status, one will receive an email notification that your access will be suspended.  Should you remain in UFS status for 30 days, you will risk being revoked and AASM is authorized to pull certification from fitness professional if a payment plan is not implemented.  Third party notification is an option for AASM to report repayment matters to and will consider legal representation if needed.

Suspensions and Appeals

Any recruit or professional who does not agree with the conclusion that are found leading to discipline or the imposition of unethical conduct may file an appeal the Board of Disciplinary Action.  The board will take into consideration information that is provided by the accused and the board will have the right to uphold the suspension or keep the suspension intact.  The board will meet monthly to review any and all suspensions and reviews to asssure that the subject who is accused of wrongdoing will receive a decision in a swift and timely manner.  A review may be submitted in the form of an appeal by the subject in question should the accused wish to do so.  Board decisions are final should the appeal is not successful on behalf of the subject.  All board decisions will be written to the subject by either email or certified mail.