Want to know how to become a

Personal Trainer?

AASM has developed a fully online Personal Training Certification Course so that you can kickstart your career in fitness whenever or wherever is best for you. Why choose AASM? Our Program is complete with:

  • A complete Guide Book with All the content from the course at your Disposal.
  • Free Downloadable Resources to kick start your business
  • Mentorship Available by Professionals
Professional Fitness Certification online

Why You Should Become a Personal Trainer

Personal training is about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Most individuals seeking the guidance of a personal trainer want to improve their general fitness, reduce pain, improve their athletic performance or lose weight. With 70% of the U.S. population considered to be overweight or obese, the need for personal training services is more important than ever!

Earn a Great Living

Did you you know the average salary of a Personal Trainer is $50k? Not bad for a job you can do from anywhere.With the growing industry comes growing pay for the professionals within that industry. Fitness professionals have witnessed their mean incomes grow 26% from 2010-2014. With the demand for personal trainers continuing to increase, you can expect incomes to rise as well.  This shows that while the industry continues to expand and the outlook remains high for all fitness professionals, it is important to seek education and certification from the right organization!

Work Anywhere

A career as a CFP can open many opportunities, including the opportunity to work Remotely. Schedules can be flexible as you work with your client base to determine training times and availability. You can be your own boss as an independent trainer, guiding your own schedule and business. The industry is also open to entrepreneurs who have the drive and ambition to build their own brand and business. AASM provides a strong knowledge base, paving the way for self-starters, our graduation rate showed that 89% of AASM-CFPs are self-employed.  Don’t forget, with any path you choose, you will be able to call the gym your office!

Live a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

No longer will going to the gym or working out be something you squeeze in on the weekends. Now you’ll have a chance to walk the talk. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to work out like an ‘athlete in training’ six days a week, but it does mean you’ll be getting out there and exercising as part of your normal work routine. Effectively, you will be getting paid to look and feel very fit and healthy!

Are you ready to start?

There’s not just one way to become a personal trainer. You can do it full-time during the day, or part-time in the evenings and at weekends – whatever suits you. You might find it’s a great study option to do in tandem with another health-related industry, such as massage therapy or dietetics. Others might want to work as a personal trainer part-time, then do something completely different the rest the time. Offering personal fitness training is something you can do almost anywhere, anytime – the more you work, the more you’ll get paid, it’s all up to you! Either way, with the increasing demand for personal trainers, you can relax knowing that you can always easily earn more money if you need to.

AASM founder Martin Ramirez III is a United States Marine Corps veteran and a personal fitness professional. Martin’s goal is to serve those who wish to work in professional fitness with a certification of the utmost professionalism and sustainability in the fitness industry. His passion for professional fitness and human performance runs deep and wants to offer his fellow service members the opportunity to make their mark in the professional fitness industry with AASM.

Active or Veteran of the Military?

Founded by a veteran ourselves, it goes without saying that we support our military service. If you’re on duty or back in civilian life, and looking for your next career move, we offer a special military discount so that you can jump into the personal fitness industry. Use coupon code MILITARY at check out.