The examination that is provided by AASM is an exam that will test the practicum that is studied over 19 classes within a period of six months or 180 days.  The scope of the exam is to provide a regimented and well planned provision for those recruits who plan on making professional fitness training a career.  The procession is to provide a well thought out knowledge of the fitness training industry and all of the necessary details that a fitness professional will need to know in order to succeed as a certified fitness professional. AASM realizes that we are responsible for certifying fitness professionals and those professionals are responsible the client’s fitness who entrust our professionals with their fitness goals, putting their health and safety at the forefront of our priority.  AASM Board of Medical Advisors have implemented their knowledge and expertise to assure that the practicum and the final examination is a legitimate knowledge and well documented question and answer for the recruit to learn and retain.  This knowledge will be implemented into a fitness professional’s daily work as a certified professional on a daily basis while working with client’s who have enlisted their assistance.  The practicum of the AASM final exam is also focused in preparation for a certified professional to be well versed in the business of fitness which includes but is not limited to the business aspect of the fitness industry such as conducting themselves as a professional in all settings and practicing compassion and integrity while working with clients.  All tests that are administered at AASM are reviewed for clarity and documentation by the Board of Medical Advisors for quality assurance.  


AASM requires a timed examination of the learned practicum during the 180 day period.  The final examination consists of 100 questions and a recruit seated for the test has exactly 55 minutes to complete 100 multiple choice questions.  All questions administered on the final exam will be questions that have been covered during the practicum.  A minimum passing grade of 70 out of a possible 100 will be needed in order pass.  Upon completion of the final exam, the score will be tallied and the results will be provided by the test monitor to the recruit.


Should a recruit fail to pass the final exam with less than a minimum score of 70, a recruit will have 30 days to retake a final exam again.  In order for a recruit to sit for a final exam, one must pay a retake fee and must register for the retake within a week after the initial exam that was not passed.  The retake test will be administered in the similar fashion, and a completely different test will be administered than the one that was not passed.  The minimum score of 70 will be needed in order to have a passing score out of 100 questions.