Exam Rules and Regulations

Test Verification

A recruit will agree to the conditions being eligible for taking the AASM exam for certification purposes.

  • Complete all 19 classes before becoming eligible to take exam
  • Take midterm exam after class 9
  • Must take exam during the six month enrollment period (180 days)
  • If I fail the test the first time, I can take retest within 30 days
  • I understand there is a re-test fee

Deceitful Practices

Any recruit who practices deceit or cheating during the practicum or during the exam will be immediately excluded from AASM and will not be authorized to repurchase a certification or exam for 365 days or one calendar year.  There are no refunds if caught cheating or practicing unauthorized tactics such as having someone complete the practicum or taking the test for a recruit.  Please see the following guidelines:

  • Getting assistance from others during the exam
  • Contacting others by way of communication device or devices
  • Use of study guides or notes
  • No calculators or phones are authorized
  • Unauthorized reproduction of any AASM literature or copies of practicum



Refunds on certifications that are purchased with AASM will be only within 24 hours of purchase.  There are certain stipulations where a recruit may be able to get a refund after the 30 day purchase such as the following:

  • Command orders for active duty service for military servicemembers (please provide a copy of orders for deployment)

AASM will look at each situation on a case by case basis and make a decision based on the facts provided by the test taker to determine if the reasoning for refund is substantial.

Should a recruit fail to pass the AASM exam, there are no refunds disbursed.  It is the responsibility of the recruit to prepare for the final exam by way of completing the 19 classes and taking the midterm exam after class 8, and taking the final exam and scoring a minimum of 70 on the test.

Updating Contact Information

It is highly recommended to updated contact information during your certification process.  Please advise AASM of any changes to your contact information to include your name, address, phone number, or email address.  Please update your AED/CPR card with any updated amended contact information as necessary.