The test administered by All American Sports Medicine includes a wide range of information regarding the study of the human anatomy, their functions, the purpose and vision of a fitness professional, the various demographics in the industry, how to market and function as a fitness professional, and how to pursue professional fitness as a career.  AASM has provided our recruits the basics necessities to provide quality professional fitness service to their clients.  Included is the process for gaining authorizations to proceed in the industry and also on how to re-certify on an annual basis.


Recruits who wish to take the CFP assessment will be administered such upon completion of the practicum starting with Class 1 to Class 19.  The final examination for the AASM certification is included in the purchase of the preparation.  In order to attain a certification with AASM, it is highly recommended to use the test preparation, study classes 1-19, and take the final exam in order to increase the chances of assuring a passing grade.  Upon completion and earning a passing grade on the final exam, a recruit will now be a fully certified fitness professional and will be eligible to train clients who are in need of a certified professional.

Passing the Exam

In order to be a certified fitness professional with AASM, a recruit must earn a passing grade on the final exam.  The exam will consist of 100 questions in which a passing grade will be 70 or better.  The stipulation is that one must have never attempted to take the AASM test.  There is a midterm examination at the end of class 9 which is a multiple choice 50 question, 45 minutes timed exam.  The results of the mid-term will not affect the determination of whether or not a recruit’s chances of becoming a certified professional at the end of the practicum.  The recruit has six months to study and complete the test preparation practicum upon purchase (180 days).  AASM prides itself on customer service and if a recruit is in need of accommodations or in need of extra tutoring, AASM will provide extra tutorials and one on one assistance free of charge during the 180 test prep period.  A recruit in need of special accommodations will need to request for special accommodations and tutorial assistance in a timely manner, in other words be sure to reach out to AASM via customer support and briefly explain the accommodations you are requesting.  Please allow eight hours to respond to your request.  All refund requests must be submitted within 24 hours of purchasing the AASM fitness exam.  The refund will be distributed as it was originally administered such as if a recruit paid for an exam with a credit card, the refund will be administered back to the recruit in the same manner.  Please allow 30 days for refunds to be administered back your credit or debit card.