Beginning AASM Certification for Fitness Professionals

Course Descriptions and Introduction

A recruit will create a profile upon purchase of the fitness certification.  A recruit may log into their profile by using their user name and password that is created during their profile creation.  A recruit’s profile must use the same name that is used on their birth certificate or their state issued driver’s license or government ID card.  Pseudo names or nicknames are discouraged when completing a profile.  AASM will only issue your credentials with the legal name that you provide. Should you change your name legally during the certification process, please notify customer support immediately with supporting documentation.  Please use a personal email when communicating with AASM and refrain from using an email address associated with work or government agency.

Test Taking Procedure and Delivery

Your test must be taken on a lap top or a desktop computer only.  Smart phones, iPads, and any other mobile devices are not permissible.  Once you complete the entire 19 class practicum, you will notify customer support and request a new password to gain entrance to the exam.

Online Proctor Using Zoom Video Conference

Once you are registered for the exam, this exam is proctored using Zoom Vidoe Conference (www.zoom.us) and you will sit with the CEO of AASM as your proctor.  The President and CEO of AASM will oversee the  100-question exam until you have completed the entire exam or the allotted time has run out.  You will be provided your score via email upon completion of the exam.

Liability Insurance for Fitness Professionals

As a AASM certified fitness professional, it is mandatory to carry liablity insurance in order to ensure the integrity of the fitness professional and the credibility of the certification.  Liability insurance also will protect the professional trainer from any liability based on injury or other physical mishaps during a training session that a client may encounter.  AASM certification ensures that a fitness professional knows how to design, deliver, and implement a well educated training regiment for a client to follow.  All clients who choose to hire an AASM fitness professional will sign a waiver deferring any responsibility and assume the risk of training in an environment where unintended consequences may occur.  This is the purpose for an AASM fitness professional to carry liability insurance on a regular basis.  Upon completion and passing of the exam, AASM will arrange for the fitness professional to acquire liability insurance to carry while training clients.

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